essay GIFTS is a Proudly South African corporate gifting company with a unique business model that brings you a collection of handcrafted gifts to consider, each with its own story of empowerment. Buy from our range and you directly better the lives of our artists, most of whom have no other income. We draw from the best of South African creativity and skills for our range of products to best represent your brand.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and wonderful 2017.

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Featured Products

  • 2piece Tribal Figurine Set (Packaged)
  • Name Badge
  • Beaded: Double String Lanyard
  • Pewter Disc Necklace
  • Tribal Coaster Set - SA Flag Design
  • Hand Painted Ceramic: Ball Candle Set
  • Driftwood - Africa
  • Beaded: Piggy Bank - SA Flag Colours
  • Love Africa Coaster Set - Tribal
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Ceramic Art

These pieces were born from of a job creation project.  Fifteen artists were trained on a Craft Production Learnership course in 2004. A selection of these artists was chosen to partake in a Learn-and-Earn program. This led to the creation of a small business making and selling unique, hand crafted ceramics.  While South Africa has no shortage of extremely talented artists, the challe ...